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guardian probe has uncovered $6 billion in what could be tax dollars gone to waste. >> investigative reporter says some of it is already six-feet under, literally. >> reporter: until now, official estimates on waste within the stimulus program had been put on by about $11 million. but that's nothing compared to the questionable spending we'd found. to get it you would have to multiply that number by about 600 times. just to get on the same spread sheet buried in department after department and underground. it's possible that you might find some of the people under these historic headstones, that they got some of the dollars after they were buried. our probe found a report of v.a. checks being paid out using social security numbers of dead americans. the unknown dead monument has a definitive link to the spending too. we are tracking the money sent to maintain this century-old maryland monument and others across the country paid out as a part of the 2009 economic stimulus package. but tonight the veterans administration's own internal watchdog says that the agency cannot determine whe
is taxed. i think we just heard possibly the power come on. take care, steve, because now we know we're safe. now you know you're safe, steve. >>reporter: and smiling. >> he's smiling. >> that was a report by deborah alfarone, and we're just happy that the electricity was able to get back on and that he is going to be -- you know, he's going to be okay. >> thanks for watching, we really appreciate it. >> did he mention your name? >> no. me, anita, me, anita, yeah. >> anita. >> i got it. >>> hey, weather wise, it's not that nice outside, it's a little cool, it's a little sprinkley out there in a few spots. i got spit on by mother nature when i was outside, but in a good way. let's check out the day planner for the rest of this afternoon. plenty of clouds, plenty of chill. we'll have highs in the low- to mid-50s. they're not going to be moving much from where they are now. winds may pick up out of the west. again, very light sprinkles here and there, not really amounts to all that much with a 54-degree reading at 3:00. might get to 55 today. and by this evening, we're back in the upp
is considering proposing another tax cut for working americans next year would amount to a few hundred dollars or more. it would replace the payroll tax cut that americans have been enjoying the past few years and anthony i don't think anyone is surprised that a tax cut is being floated just a week and a half out before the election. >> no, don't think so. nancy cordes at the white house. thanks. one element that could wind up having a bigger impact on this presidential race than any before is early voting. ten days before election day more than 10 million votes have already been cast. plus the prospect of bad weather on the east coast adds another wrinkle to the vital question of voter turnout. let's talk about what all of that could mean for both candidates with john dickerson. he's in our washington bureau. good morning john. >> good morning. >> chip reid mentioned just a little while ago north carolina virginia ohio all in the direct path of this storm. how do you think it will affect early voting and both candidates in these last days before the election? >> well it's alr
. >> the law says in maryland you cannot spend tax dollars on political activities. the definition of political activities is promoting or oppose ago ballot question. >> reporter: this afternoon the county fired back, saying the bargaining has cost taxpayers a lot of money and that it is appropriate, not illegal to use county resources to advocate for question b. in montgomery county, andrea mccain, 9news. >> the fop has asked state and federal prosecutors to investigate whether montgomery county used any federal funding to campaign for question b. a county spokesman said emphatically it did not. >>> tonight v state police are investigating the sheriff's deputy involved in the death of a 17-year-old boy. >> so this started when deputies from both stafford and fauquier counties responded to a crash on clyde road in fauquier county around 4:00 this morning. >> it ended with a deputy shooting and killing that teenager at a nearby home. surae chinn has more. >> reporter: well, you know, this can all be a little confusing, because the crash and the shooting happened in fauquier county, but it was a
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it is and the use does not have a way to fight back. we ought to go back to tariffs and cut taxes on our own manufacturing. >> getting tough on china is campaign rhetoric on romney's behalf. if he gets elected smart advisors will say we can't do this. maybe he will call them names. that is about all he will do. there are bankers, we are not they are our bankers, we are not in a strong position. who pays the price? the american consumer and american economy. >> we have an enormous trade surplus at our expense. >> mort, what is the answer? >> the fact is romney is right in this sense. they have consistently for decades kept their currency devalued in order to magnify their exports. sell them at cheaper prices. we have been protest that go for decades. when romney can do anything about that i don't know. but the real question is how do you deal in chin with this way without getting into a trade war which would be damaging to both sides? that is going to take real diplomacy and pressure with china. >> in a trade war, who wins mort? >> we do. we have a trade deficit with them of $300 billion a ye
, deriding governor romney's promise to bring change to washington. >> another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change. >> no! >> turning medicare into a voucher is change, but we don't want that change. >> reporter: the president's schedule over the next five days tells you a lot about his campaign strategy. he'll be spending a great deal of time in ohio and wisconsin, trying to build a midwest firewall to prevent governor romney, scott, from getting 270 electoral votes. >> pelley: well, nancy, governor romney went hunting for votes today in another swing state, virginia. and jan crawford is covering his campaign. >> we really can't have four more years like the last four years. i know the-- the obama folks are chanting four more years, four more years. but our chant is this-- five more days. >> reporter: at a hal nevirginia, a campaign cheer was also a reminder of how little time is left. >> five more days! five more days! >> reporter: before the hurricane, romney had momentum. the race was in a dead heat, and he was tied or within striking distance in battlegrou
people. mitt romney wants to take us back to an economy theory that got us into this mess, with tax cuts for the rich, that he hopes trickles down and helps the middle class. >> there's new information out this morning about the consulate attack in benghazi, about the cia's role, how long it took for them to respond. there seems to be this dribbling out of information from this administration. respond to the critics who say the president needs to do more on this and he is running out the clock until after election day. >> norah, nobody wants to find out what happened more than the president and this administration. that's why he and the secretary of state have ordered a comprehensive investigation as to everything that happened that night in benghazi, that everything that led up to it, so we can get answers. we're going to put people in harm's day, do the diplomatic business of this country. we need to ensure when we do that, we do it with their safety utmost in mind and that's what this investigation will show us. obviously it's clear, and i don't have any information other than what i
. >> the fact that you're a little at a float because health insurance was taxed. i think that we just heard possibly the power come on. now i know that we are safe. and now you know that you are safe, steve. >> he is smiling. >> yes, he's smiling. >> all right, back live now. back live here in clifton with the nichols. i want to show you a little video when we first arrived. so i want to show you that and then talk to both haline and steve. let's take a look. >> hey. hi! hey steve. how are you? he's okay. >> hi. >> it is so nice to meet you. oh don't cry. no, don't cry. [ laughter ] >> it is such a treat. because you made everybody here. >> this whole day has been a treat for me and seeing you with the 9news hat on, it just makes my day. everyone in our newsroom is so happy to see you guys are safe and the power is back on. thank you for reaching out to me. >> anita, this is truly our luckiest day. >> okay. i think that we're having a bit of technical difficulty there and so unfortunate. right in the middle of just a special moment there. >> yes, indeed with the nichols and anita. but we ar
important papers, family medical history, checking reports, tax returns, that sort of thing, up off the ground. get them out of the basement actually. i think a lot of people that haven't had wet basements in the past are going to misjudge this storm, because you've got a lot of wind, got a lot of rain, and you need to get them up off the floor or save them in big tupperware boxes. there are smartphone apps that you can scan it, e-mail it to a safe cloud location. don't get the papers and old baseball cards and stamp collections and that sort of thing and put them up in the attic, but murphy's law says a tree's going to go through your roof. then you've done yourself in. but bring them up probably where you'll be and make sure that for insurance purposes, you've got claim numbers if you, like me, you get a mountain of mail and sort of funnel through it and kind of put it in a pile. go through, and if you can't locate it, go on the web now before we all lose power and find those numbers. >> and these are the kinds of things we should have practiced all year long, for any kind of emer
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)